10 Ways to Know if You’re Me.

  1. You laugh while you make to-do lists because you already know that none of it’s happening.
  2. You check your pockets/purse 1000 times for your keys before you leave the house. Once you’re out you realize you left pretty much every other thing you needed at home.
  3. It helps to eat while you figure out what to eat.
  4. If people compliment you all day, your mind will keep wandering back to the one person who didn’t say anything. WHAT WAS UP WITH THEM? You might never know. And eternal mysteries infuriate you.
  5. You smile when you see little kids doing stuff you used to do, like making faces into the security camera at the grocery store.
  6. When a song is stuck in your head, you have to listen to it and sing along loudly to get it unstuck. Sadly, off-key is a given for you.
  7. You’re still thinking of witty retorts to things people said years ago and about how you’d love to go back and redo so many conversations. You realize you don’t deserve a time machine.
  8. Great, now you’re thinking about time travel.
  9. We never did get those hoverboards.
  10. You get distracted so, so easily.

4 thoughts on “10 Ways to Know if You’re Me.

  1. Welcome back! I’ve missed your witty and insightful observations on things. Here, nos. 2 and 7 are especially relevant to me. Also, here are two more that pull me up short sometimes: First, I would be careful to write out my grocery list, then i would leave it on the kitchen table and struggle to remember what was on the list once i got to the store. (My genius daughter suggested making my list on my cell. Bingo!) Second, sometimes I prepare for a “discussion” with someone with whom I disagree on occasion, only to have that person agree with me up front and make my well-prepared argument unnecessary. We all have our moments! Please keep posting to remind us how human we are.

    1. Hi, Gemmajay! I hate getting tripped up when I had a whole speech prepared. You work so hard to figure out what to say and then you don’t get to say it!

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